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[TRAILER] Parallel 42 – 777 Immersion v2

We proudly present you the Official Trailer for the latest Immersion Pack by Parallel 42 // 42 (former OldProps).

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B777 Immersion v2 | Parallel 42
For the PMDG Boeing B777/-200/-300/-F

The PMDG 777 is one of the most popular aircraft in its category, and we’re excited to present this package which enhances it even further. Harnessing the power of Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v5 and its enhanced shaders allowed us to leverage all-new tech in 777 Immersion V2. All effects can now track simulator variables and conditions; this allows each effect to be more accurate, organic, and realistic.

In our search for total immersion, we often overlook the finer details that are missing in-sim. It’s these important details that add the most to our experience. For this, we present our Immersive Line of products.

The Boeing 777 experiences a diverse range of atmospheric environments on some of the world’s longest routes. Our immersion package will keep you in sync with the entire flight experience, from full thrust to full reverse.




  • Performance at first – high quality FPS-friendly product
  • Engine Condensation when the ambient air is close to saturation
  • Jet Wash behind the engines and vary depending on the thrust applied
  • Flaps Vortices when the ambient air is close to saturation and flaps are lowered
  • Wing Condensation when the ambient air is close to or at saturation
  • Contrails when the ambient temperature is below -36°C and EGT reaches operating temperature
  • Inlet Vortices on wet and snow covered pavements
  • Touchdown Effect when the wheels come into contact with pavement
  • Wing Tanks Fuel Overflow – fuel will spill out via wing tanks overflow valves
  • Drain Fumes – oil smoke will come out of the drain mast
  • Volumetric Lights – beacon, strobes and logo lights (visibility lower than 10 km)
  • Volumetric Rain at landing, turnoff and taxi lights
  • Volumetric Landing Lights with different colors and intesity between LED and original Lights
  • Rain Drops From The Airframe when aircraft is wet
  • + Many other effects


  • PMDG Boeing B777 Base Pack (optional: 777/300 extension) for Prepar3D
  • Prepar3D V4.x
  • Prepar3D V5.x
  • Windows (64-Bit Recommended)