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[TEASER] SoFly – A Guide To #FS2020!

Help is on your way #SoFly! ‘A Guide To Flight Simulator’ to help you to depart in #MSFS2020.

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A Guide To Flight Simulator – Become the best virtual pilot in the skies with this inspirational guide!

Our guide to the new Flight Simulator includes over 120 pages of impeccable detail, handy tips and everything you need to know about each aircraft and hand-crafted airport.

From ATC to UI …and everything in between. This guide will cover everything you need to know from setting up multiplayer flights, adding flight plans and interacting with the ATC.

Get Maximum Performance … we have tested numerous settings and tweaked on your behalf and tell you how to get the best performance from your new simulator. All without compromising the look of your new simulator.

Crafted By The Experts … we have had unprecedented amounts of time with the simulator understanding each feature and aircraft to give you the information you need to be the best virtual pilot.

Discover All New Cities and Locations … go beyond the cities included and let us inspire you to all-new locations. Tips throughout taking you to unique and hand-selected locations around the world.

This guide is primarily aimed at newcomers, whilst also helping experienced simmers get to grips with the new simulator. We know that there is a lot to look at, discover and explore so we have created something we know will help with learning the foundations. Over the coming weeks, free updates will be released for the guide expanding it based on community feedback and other plans.

At SoFly, we’re always looking to encourage and support newcomers, so if that is your audience, or you’re seeing a lot of people join your communities, hopefully this guide will answer their questions.

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  • Over 120 pages of detailed content guiding you to have the best flight simulation experience
  • A step-by-step tutorial for you to learn about the aircraft and how they handle
  • Detailed information on every hand-crafted airports
  • Detailed information on each included aircraft
  • Tips to maximise the performance of your simulator
  • A walkthrough on how to use built-in features, such as ATC, camera controls, and more
  • Detailed information on how to set up multiplayer flights with ease
  • Inspiration on landmarks and cities to explore
  • New challenges to test your piloting skills
  • Walkthrough tutorials for your first flights
  • Guidance on how to use the UI and explore the world with ease



  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
  • Prerequisite Products: none