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We are very proud to present you the Official Trailer for the latest scenery by MK-Studios:
Lisbon Airport | LPPT, LIS

The airport is surely the best one created by MK-Studios so far.
Watch the movie until the end and see what will be the next destination for MK-Studios.

RELEASED! Available here:



Official Trailer - Lisbon| LPPT

Feature list:

  • Highly detailed buildings specially designed and optimized for P3DV4
  • Terminal interior modelled in 3D with correct gate numbers and people
  • SODE jetways and double jetways with interior
  • SODE windsocks
  • New ground technics based on real photographs, specular and bump mapping
  • Fully up to date ground layout
  • Highly optimized dynamic lightning with different effect types adjusted for exact type of light and direction needed
  • Condition based runway lightning with realistic dimmed light power (as operated mostly in Lisbon)
  • GSX based docking system and adjusted stands for real operations
  • Interactive holding point lights that change color when approaching them, active only in selected areas like in the real airport
  • Realistic precipitation effects on the ground with water accumulated in some areas
  • 50cm/pixel sattelite coverage of the city with autogen
  • 36 important custom city objects and 3 bridges
  • Custom mesh for the city and airport area
  • AFCAD with custom approaches according to 1809 AIRAC database
  • Airport configurator with multiple performance options
  • 3D city night lightning.

FSElite Announcement / Review:
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