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We are very proud to present you the Official Trailer for the latest scenery by LatinVFR:
Miami International Airport | KMIA, MIA

Available here:


The new version of the airport is a completely brand new version built from the ground up with advanced new techniques, high-quality texture work and ensuring that the airport reflects the current layout of the real-world version.

Miami International Airport is one of America’s busiest airports serving as a hub to many airlines including American Airlines, FedEx Express and DHL Aviation. Many other airlines, both domestic and international, frequent the airport bringing in millions of passengers every year.

The new version from LatinVFR includes a full rendition of the airport, with detailed modelling work and native PBR material applied to many of the textures including the ground and buildings. Wet PBR surfaces have also been included along with new techniques that will affect the braking action when it is raining at the airport. Furthermore, extensive work has been done to include 200 square KM of photoscenery coverage including many city buildings, nearby beaches and more. Many of these buildings in key locations such as Bay Harbour and Key Biscayne is rendered with PBR.

We are very thankful that the guys from LatinVFR decided to go the way with us for the second time. We are looking forward to many more projects!

Official Trailer - Miami Intl. Airport (v5)| KMIA

.) KMIA airport all buildings objects and ground polygons made from native PBR materials
.) Surroundings of KMIA, and over 200 square kilometers of photo scenery coverage.
City buildings, covering Miami Beach from Bay Harbor to Key Biscayne with custom made PBR buildings.
.) SODE animated PBR jetways for the best jetway animation possible.
.) SODE controlled lighting, automatically illuminating when low visibility and rain conditions.
.) SODE controlled rain effects, enabling wet PBR surfaces whenever rain is present.
.) Custom animated airport vehicles.
.) Special slippery condition for runways/taxiways that would affect braking action whenever it is raining.
.) And more …

.) Download file size 2.2+ GB
.) Prepar3D V4.4 or higher
.) Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 or later
.) Intel i5 2.8 GHz (Intel i7 highly recommended)
.) 8 GB RAM (12+ GB highly recommended)
.) 4 GB of graphics card memory (8+ GB highly recommended)