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We are very proud to present you the Official Trailer and the Official Teaser Video for the latest scenery by PILOT’S GesmbH:
Alicante Airport | LEAL, ALC

The airport is surely the best one created by PILOT’s so far.

RELEASED! Available here:


The city of Elche and airport of Alicante/Spain in stunning quality! Looks even better when used with PILOT’S FS Global Ultimate – NG mesh (not required!). See the advantages of local scenery built into a HR mesh!

Official Trailer - Alicante| LEAL

Official Teaser - Alicante| LEAL

.) For Prepar3D V4.x
.) 4K resolution textures
.) Animated tamarc workers
.) Ambient Sounds (Seagulls, waves, sounds of departure hall, etc)
.) 750 squared kilometers photoreal
.) hand made mesh of airport area 1m resolution
.) detailled model of inner departure/arrival hall
.) Accurate depiction of Elche city/Alicante city
.) 3D grass/trees custom vegation
.) Realistic shadow rendition
.) Special night light shadows textures
.) Dynamic lights (P3D V4)
.) 3D ALS and runways lights
.) Custom buildings for the city, surrounding areas and autogen
.) Fully optimized design for great performance and high frame rates
.) Made for FS Global Ultimate – NG Mesh (optional), compatible with FTX Vector
.) And more …

.) Prepar3D V4.x
.) Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 or later
.) Intel i5 2.8 GHz (Intel i7 highly recommended)
.) 8 GB RAM (12+ GB highly recommended)
.) 4 GB of graphics card memory (8+ GB highly recommended)