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[TRAILER] vEZY | vAMSYS Virtual Airline

We teamed up with the amazing virtual airline vEZY!

“We firmly believe we have the most advanced PIREP and flight tracking system of any virtual airline in the world. […]”

The partnership includes for example the official trailer for the virtual airline and Airbus checklists as real as it gets (download link below!).

[P3D v4.2] vEZY – Official Trailer | AviationLads.com

vEZY Airbus Checklist
Normal Procedure + Emergency Landing “all engine failure”

Download our checklist free of charge here:




 Berlin-Schoenefeld (Brandenburg) GSX configuration
This file provides custom placed GSX ground vehicle positions, parking stops and more.

Download our custom gsx configuration free of charge here:




Also check out their website and facebook channel:

vEZY – Website | www.vezy.eu

vEZY – Facebook | Official Channel

Thank you to the team of vEZY for this cooperation.

We are looking forward to deliver more additional benefit for the pilots of vEZY and all other pilots.

At vEZY, We firmly believe we have one of the most advanced PIREP and flight tracking systems.
We have countless unique and exciting features to offer our pilots, and we are constantly in development!
No stale software, no archaic systems, no dated data displays. We use the latest technologies to bring our pilots an unparalleled experience in Virtual Aviation!

We also believe we offer a completely unique Virtual Airline experience - with our PIREPs automatically processed,
pilot reports for when things go wrong, public PIREPs for boasting about those awesome arrivals (or sharing those mishaps...),
leaderboards and ranks to add that competitive edge, and a whole host of exclusive resources to offer our pilots!

We have a dedicated staff team who put in many hours to ensure our route network is up to date, we also try to bring our pilots regular events for you
all to enjoy! With over 100,000 hours flight time logged since opening just under two years ago we have a large ever growing pilot community of which you can join
the discussions in our discord!

But really, you should try it for yourself! Sign up at: www.vezy.eu you won't be dissapointed!

See you all in the skies!
~vEZY Operations Team