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[Realease] Website

We are proud to preset you our new AviationLads website. With new partners and cooperations we will start into the future. One of our main partners is Sandro Vitalini, also known as PilotPete from YouTube. We are very happy to have him on board.

What is our plan? What are we going to do for you guys?
We developed this website to provide you with many different things. First of all we wanted to have a platform to show you high-definition screenshots directly out of our flightsimulator. Yes, this also possible to do via the different facebook groups, BUT not without losing the quality of the pictures. So thats the first point: High-definition pictures. Further we want to provide you ultra realistic videos from our flightsimulator, at the moment Prepar3D v4.

The next big category from our website is the DOWNLOAD page. Frequently when we posted pictures or videos we were asked by you guys, what settings, presets, … we have. And here is the answer. In our download section you can find our  prepar3d.cfg, reshade, pta and rex4 settings and presets. You are also able to download them. Try them out – we feel very pleased with these settings and think it maybe will also fit to your preferences. We have one big goal to achieve: Make flightsimulation as real as it gets!

We love what we are doing and we love flightsimulation. If you have any questions please do not hesitate and contact us. We will try to answer as soon as possible

By Maurice Mockert & Sandro Vitalini

This website is also a platform to promote our youtube channels. If you like what you see, then a like, comment or abo is appreciated. If you have any good ideas what we should record next – write us an email, comment or whatever and let us know about your ideas.

In the near future we will also get in contact with different developer teams to establish new cooperations. We want the provide you with the newest informations, pictures and reviews. And this is also the next topic of the website. From time to time you will find new blog posts in our aviationlads blog with interesting reviews, exclusive previews and much more.
If you have some free time: Take a look!

The last big topic is our offer to help you. We want to get your sim also as smooth and good looking as our simulator is. So if you have any questions please do not hesitate and contact us. You can reach us via email, youtube, comments and of course facebook. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

So… that is all for now – lets start into a great future! Together!
Your #AvLads-Team

Maurice Mockert & Sandro Vitalini